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New Features in Java 8
Ken Kousen
Wed, Aug 12

Java 8 is the biggest change to the Java language ever. The addition of lambdas, functional interfaces, and streams fundamentally changes the programming model for applications. This talk summar
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The New England Java Users Group is open to everyone interested in Java and the JVM. Meetings are usually held on the second Thursday of each month. The meetings and membership are free. We do not hold meetings in July and December.

The NEJUG was formed in November 1998. We currently have 6021 members. Meeting space is limited and we must ask members to register in order to attend meetings. It is common for over 300 people to register for a single meeting! What better way to meet new people interested in Java, development, architecture, or just get your technical questions answered.


Who can I contact about the NEJUG?

Stevel Lintz - mailto:slintz+nejug@gmail.com

How do I register for the NEJUG emails?
The process is quite simple; just register for the next event, enjoy the meeting, and you are now automatically enrolled to the NEJUG email distribution list.

I am interested in informing the NEJUG membership about employment opportunities with my company.

There are two approaches avaialble for posting employment opportunities; (1) You can post a new announcement to the NEJUG website , and/or (2) You may announce at the monthly meeting.

Other Java Conferences

An Excellent Meeting - Now with Discount Code!!

Our March 12 meeting was a great success: we packed the room with 97 people (plus one fish). Besides the good general attendance, about 80% of those people stayed after the break for the second
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