• Fitbit - The Big Picture

    Start Time:

    Oct 13, 2016 6:00 PM

    End Time:

    Oct 13, 2016 9:00 PM

    Constant Contact Reservoir Place
    1601 Trapelo Road Waltham MA 021451

    Speakers: Kyle Smith Kory Brown Sean Roque Kevin Jamieson Steve Berczuk

    This meeting is made up of five overview talks which work together to share a big-picture sense of the major development processes at Fitbit. First, we'll start with a bit of history, then continue with Mesos and Aurora, deployment, microservices, certificate management, and some Agile team design. Quite a lot of goodness for one evening!


    Fitbit's architecture journey, by Kyle Smith

    Over the last 9 years, Fitbit has grown from a two-person startup into a multi-billion-dollar company with 500+ developers. Along the way our small Java/Spring/MVC web app has grown into a large, monolithic application. As many other growing companies have found, such an application can make it difficult to rapidly innovate. In this presentation, we're going to talk about Fitbit's ongoing journey from monolith to microservices and how we plan to re-energize our developers with modern technologies and practices.


    Mesos, Aurora and their role in the future of application deploymentsby Kory Brown

    In this talk, we’ll go through a brief history of how Operations has traditionally handled application deployments ending with the inclusion of Mesos. After we’ve gotten a feel for the landscape, we’ll go into how Mesos has changed this process, and what the future of datacenter-level computing looks like.


    Deploying Microservices At Fitbit, by Sean Reque

    At Fitbit we want smaller teams of developers to be able to easily deploy, monitor, and take ownership of their Java services without feeling burdened by the need to create and maintain their own operational infrastructure and tooling. In this talk, we discuss the efforts we have taken to make total service ownership as easy as possible.


    Create your own certificate authority for developmentby Kevin Jamieson

    With the increasing calls for “SSL Everywhere!”, creating your own Certificate Authority is a great way to understand both the mechanisms of SSL/TLS and to allow for rapid application development. We’ll be going over basics of SSL/TLS, using OpenSSL to create a CA, creating server and client certificates, and some brief history of this entire burning dumpster of functionality.


    The role of testing specialists on agile teams, by Steve Berczuk

    Automated testing is an essential part of agile software development. While some knowledge of testing is required, testing is also a specialized skill. Most agile teams write good unit tests but integration tests and the build & deployment infrastructure that enable it often require help. This talk will discuss how a Software Test Engineering team can improve the quality of testing practices while still being consistent with the goals of a self-sufficient, cross-functional agile team.

    Speaker Biography

    Kyle Smith

    Kyle Smith is a site reliability engineer at Fitbit, which involves wearing many hats in the course of measuring, managing, and enhancing the reliability of Fitbit’s service. Prior to Fitbit, he spent time at Onshape, where he helped develop and operate the first full-cloud CAD system, and VMware & IBM, where he built self-service cloud and utility computing platforms.

    Kory Brown

    Kory Brown is a career DevOps engineer from Texas. In the past, he has generally specialized in application deployment and machine provisioning automation. While he is traditionally a Python developer, he has done quite a bit of work automating the deployment of Java applications.

    Sean Roque

    Sean Reque has been developing primarily Java-based services since 2007. He is especially interested in high performance and concurrency on the JVM. Sean is a site reliability engineer at Fitbit.

    Kevin Jamieson

    Kevin Jamieson was a Systems Administrator, infiltrated the ranks of developers, and has now snuck back into the ‘DevOps’ camp. At Fitbit, he is doing Core Platform work that is located directly above the slowest turtle in the stack. He has vast weeks of experience with SSL/TLS and is eager to warn the others in the village.

    Steve Berczuk

    Steve Berczuk is an agile software developer who has a deep interest in removing obstacles to effective software development, be they technical or process related. He’s a Principal Engineer at Fitbit where he also manages the Software Test Engineering team. He is also a frequent contributor to Techwell.

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  • In this example-driven session, we'll review several tips and tricks to make the most out of your Spring development experience. You'll see how these tips fit into a real (albeit small) Spring application and be able to take them with you as you apply them to your project.

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    As with any framework or language that has this much history and power, there are just as many ways to get it right as there are to get it wrong. How do you know that you are applying Spring in the best way in your application?

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    • NEJUG becomes Boston Java Users ACM Chapter

      Wednesday June, 01, 2022 12:00 AM


    We, the new board members, are thrilled to announce that NEJUG is now an official chapter of ACM (Association for Computing Machinery - acm.org). We are excited about this new chapter in the history of  NEJUG. The group, hereafter, will be known as “Boston Java Users ACM Chapter” or “Boston Java Users” for short. 

     The board consists of following volunteer members, some members are designated with specific roles mentioned with their name below. 

    1. Baris Kazar
    2. Justin Sun (Treasurer)
    3. Kyle Smith
    4. Lori Fair
    5. Mahesh Acharya (Vice Chair)
    6. Peter Kelley
    7. Ralph Navarro
    8. Rohit Bhardwaj 
    9. Seung Kim 
    10. Stevel Lintz (Chairman)
    11. Sualeh Fatehi

    To reflect the change of name, we have registered following domain names, which currently forwards to nejug.org


    Please note:

    • There are no changes at the moment to the current members and the membership on nejug.org. 
    • New persons wishing to join Boston Java Users may sign up for an account on this website. 
    • We will continue to post the events/meetings on nejug.org and on https://www.meetup.com/nejug1/
    • You will also receive e-mail delivery of all meeting announcements. 


    Please feel free to reach out to us (link below) if you have any questions regarding this announcement. 


    We thank all the members and we look forward to resume our monthly meetings in the very near future,  please stay tuned. 



    • Open Invitation for NEJUG Members to Join Board of Directors

      Attended: 1
      Thursday April, 14, 2022 07:00 PM


    The NEJUG core planning group is evaluating the option of forming a legal entity as a Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (https://www.acm.org/) . We are looking for passionate individuals that have been part  of the NEJUG community in the past and would like to do more in the future. If you are interested in such a role (Board of Director), please join us for a Zoom video conference on Thursday April 14, 2022 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm EDT. 

    We will send the Zoom meeting link privately to all interested memebers.