Kuldeep Gulati

About Kuldeep Gulati:

Kuldeep Gulati is an Architect Engineer with extensive experience in architecting and building  scalable, resilient, and loosely coupled micro-services. He has proven ability in designing solutions with eagle eye focus on Application Stability, Performance, and Resiliency in production environments utilizing cloud native solutions .

He provides Architecture Guidance and contributes with hands-on efforts. These days his big focus is on bringing the practice of Chaos Engineering closer to the work teams where developers ensure fault tolerance before pushing code to the repository, and automating the Chaos testing process via CI/CD platform and including the infrastructure components to see their impact on defined SLO for an application.

Kuldeep enjoys sharing his learning with others fellow techies and is always looking for opportunities to level-up an application to make sure its non-blocking, loosely coupled, cloud native and above all resilient to failures.